Wholesale Vegetable Prices

Check back with this page regularly for current wholesale vegetable prices. 

wholesale vegetable prices, produce prices in Hampstead, MD, Westminster, New Windsor, Frederick, Finksburg, Eldersburg, Taneytown, Emmitsburg, Baltimore, Carroll County, Maryland, Littlestown, Gettysburg, PADeep Run Farms offers superior produce for wholesale and delivery in Carroll County and the surrounding areas.  We ensure the best quality produce by growing only the most up-to-date varieties, and using the best available agricultural technology.

Contact Deep Run Farms by clicking the button to the left to find out about wholesale vegetable prices, free delivery for large orders, and discounts for local customers in the Hampstead, MD area.  We’re also accepting applications for our Community-Supported Agriculture program for next year – click here to apply now!

2017 Produce | Wholesale Vegetable Prices

Sweet corn. . . $3.10/Doz
Tomatoes. . . $18.50/25lb box
Cantaloupe. . . $150.00/bin
Watermelons. . . $150.00/bin
Bell Peppers. . . $15.00/bu
Jalapeno peppers. . . $15.00/half bu
Lima Beans. . . $45.00/bu
Squash. . . $12.00/half bu
Cucumbers. . . $12.00/half bu
Eggplant. . . $15.00/bu
Beets. . . $1.50/bu
Broccoli. . . $20.00/bu
Cabbage. . . $0.35/lb
Cauliflower. . . $12.50/bu
Pumpkins(Large). . . $155.00/bin
Pumpkins(spookies). . . $205.00/bin
Cheese/decorative pumpkins. . . $140.00/short bin
Spinach. . . $14.00/bu
Spring Onions. . . $0.75/ Bunch
Roma Tomatoes. . . $17.00/25lb box

Please note, prices are subject to change.

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